Superlative Trees is the trading name of a partnership between George Maier and William Jin. Originally trading under the name "Redwood Research", the partnership has existed in various forms for a few years as a way of sharing knowledge about tree propagation – originally focusing in on Giant Sequoia and Coastal Redwoods (hence the name). 

The Store

The store started because people kept asking for recommendations on where to buy seeds and we didn’t have many good recommendations. Retail suppliers tend to either over-charge or have a limited reputation (often leaving you unsure of the seed quality). On the other hand, wholesale suppliers sell in quantities that are far too large for most people (usually having a minimum order of several thousand seeds) and often don’t make enough of an effort to separate seeds from other debris in their shipments (which can cause problems for beginners). Our store aims to bridge that gap – offering retail friendly quantities from a reputable source and with sufficient guidance for novice growers to succeed. We buy seeds wholesale, clean out any debris, test the germination rate of the sample to ensure seed quality, and then chill the seeds in advance of sending them to you.

When you buy your seeds here you’re also helping to fund our research and the production of our seed propagation guides that are freely available to everyone.

Where we're based 

We run Superlative Trees from our home in Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK3 6HU. If you live locally we are happy to arrange for you to come and collect orders from us to save you shipping costs - please use the contact page to get in touch if you'd like to do this so we can arrange a time. We can accept credit and debit cards in person and this is our recommended payment method, but if you want to pay by cash you can do so. We recommend bringing the exact amount as we don't carry change.