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Two Pines Multipack

Two Pines Multipack

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This pack contains two species of pine that complement each other to build a wooded area containing short and tall pines: 

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) is native to the UK and supports many of our local ecosystems. Mature trees can grow tall (up to around 35 meters), but tend to maintain a moderate spread. 

The Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo), otherwise known as the Dwarf Mountain Pine, is a pine tree that never grows particularly tall - being limited to around 3-6 meters! It is native to the Alps, Pyrenees and other high altitude areas across Europe. Can be maintained as a smaller shrub-like tree. 

Both the Scots and Mungo pines are extremely easy to grow from seed at home, with a difficulty score of 1/10 on our Tree List. This means that even first time growers should have a good rate of success with these species. You can follow our straightforward growing guide that covers both species here.

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